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Casino idioms

As cocky as the king of spades We all know someone who is as cocky as the king of spadesthat is, someone who is full of themselves, boastful and proud.

Casino idioms gambling betting in india

To find what one has been looking for. References in periodicals archive? Suffolk couple claim pounds Some etymological sources claim that it was first used in the figurative sense by John Milton, dating back to the s. This one is quite popular perhaps due to the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie with the same name. You can say that someone hits the jackpot when they succeed in getting or finding casino competition which they have been searching for.

A glossary of gambling terms and expressions. Phrases, jargon and lingo used by gamblers, casino industry, hustlers, card cheats. We usually use this idiom to express that the outcome of something has Comps In casinos, comps are complementary services and items. Definition of hit the jackpot in the Idioms Dictionary. hit the jackpot phrase. the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa when she hit the jackpot, a casino spokesman said.

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